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WATER – WE can HELP “YOU” Get to WATER – N O W . . .

WATER – WE can HELP “YOU” Get to WATER – N O W . . .

HURRY – Before More Moratoriums PREVENT WATER ACCESS

YOU Can Make a Difference Right Now!V
Dear Friends,


Since 2003, I’ve been sending out briefings to you about the great work we are doing around the world to bring about healthy habitat for all life and forwarding the concept of Cooperative Ecology* with all that we do. 

Our forward progress is dependent upon the financial support we receive. Right now, there are communities waiting for us to locate and bring water to the surface so that they can have a  healthier life for their children and a stronger, self-sustaining economy.
We are absolutely ready to expand our programs. Our scientists are fully prepared to go anywhere around the world. There are communities throughout the Southwest of the U.S., in Kenya, South Africa, and Australia where we have identified that we can find water where it was previously thought not to exist and make an enormously positive impact on the health of the region, including water for wildlife, people, and whole communities. With our technologies, we can create water security and food security like no other organization.  We just need the funds to move forward at the speed we are capable of. 

While Giving Tuesday is certainly not the only day of the year to make donations, it has become a symbolic day on which many people reach out to support the groups they feel are doing the greatest good.

Please let us know that you care about the work we are doing by making a donation – as large as possible.  There’s no question these are difficult times; but we must not allow those who work to make life harder for others slow the forward progress of those who are working hard to make the world a healthier, safer and more prosperous place for all.Will you help? If so, click here for a one-time donation. Or click here for on-going monthly donations.


Barbara Wiseman
International President

P.S. If you haven’t seen the Annual Report we recently published with an overview of accomplishments, click on the cover of it below.

* We seek to instill in people a sense that all life is interdependent, and that the decisions we all make affect the natural world, and then, in turn, circle back to affect the health of each one of us. We call this concept Cooperative Ecology™, meaning that all life does best when it works together with other life.  This better connects everyone with the natural world, and is a way of getting the world to co-operate. It is the basic principle underlying everything we do.

For more information about our work, Click here to download our full Annual Report! 
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We are so grateful that you care about this planet,