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PRIMARY WATER – Cover-up: SEVERAL OCEANS UNDERNEATH THE EARTH’S CRUST « The Burning Platform . . . Scientists INVENTING More Deception and NOT Admitting Water is a RENEWABLE!

INSIDER COMMENT: The article you will read below is covering-up the real water science. Since the water facts are emerging and people are understanding the Water Scarcity Crisis is a HOAX we can expect to read more attempts to hide the water facts . . . Those that are positioned to profit the most from the illusion of scarce water resources are scrambling to invent confusion as you will see in the article below. . . You will note the article states, “after decades of theorizing and searching, scientists are reporting that they’ve finally found a massive reservoir of water in the Earth’s mantle – a reservoir so vast that could fill the Earth’s oceans three times over. This discovery suggests that Earth’s surface water actually came from within, as part of a “whole-Earth water cycle”, rather than the prevailing theory of icy comets striking Earth billions of years ago” End Quote –

Of course, the scientists HAD to move out of the icy comet theory since so much has been revealed about Primary Water and consistently PROVEN for many many decades . . . What is being hidden in the article are the simple words – Water is RENEWABLE and is continuously created as a constant natural process within the Earth’s mantle . . . Think about hot and cold springs, geysers, desert oasis and many wells that have been providing pure clean water to other cities, countries and privileged people world-wide. . . Primary water has been a well kept secret . . And the article below is NOT the entire TRUTH . . . Go to where you can read the water bible “New Water for a Thirsty World”. Watch the YouTube “Primary Water Explained” and take ACTION to help get the REAL WATER FACTS OUT – FAR and WIDE!

EXCERPT: A fascinating new discovery. Posted 5/7/2015 . . .

After decades of theorizing and searching, scientists are reporting that they’ve finally found a massive reservoir of water in the Earth’s mantle — a reservoir so vast that could fill the Earth’s oceans three times over. This discovery suggests that Earth’s surface water actually came from within, as part of a “whole-Earth water cycle,” rather than the prevailing theory of icy comets striking Earth billions of years ago. As always, the more we understand about how the Earth formed, and how its multitude of interior layers continue to function, the more accurately we can predict the future. Weather, sea levels, climate change — these are all closely linked to the tectonic activity that endlessly churns away beneath our feet.

This new study, authored by a range of geophysicists and scientists from across the US, leverages data from the USArray — an array of hundreds of seismographs located throughout the US that are constantly listening to movements in the Earth’s mantle and core. After listening for a few years, and carrying out lots of complex calculations, the researchers believe that they’ve found a huge reserve of water that’s located in the transition zone between the upper and lower mantle — a region that occupies between 400 and 660 kilometers (250-410 miles) below our feet.
With all that said, there could be massive repercussions if this study’s findings are accurate. Even if the ringwoodite only contains around 2.6% water, the volume of the transition zone means this underground reservoir could contain enough water to re-fill our oceans three times over. I’m not saying that this gives us the perfect excuse to continue our abuse of Earth’s fresh water reserves, but it’s definitely something to mull over. This would also seem to discount the prevailing theory that our surface water arrived on Earth via a bunch of icy comets.

Litigation Attorney Says Weather Manipulation Causing California Drought « Chemtrails: The Exotic Weapon‏

Litigation Attorney Says Weather Manipulation Causing California Drought « Chemtrails: The Exotic Weapon . . .

California litigation attorney is suspicious that aerosol geoegineering and covert weather manipulation is responsible for California’s record drought.

Ellen Brown: 

“What makes me suspicious is this wall of weather that prevents the jet stream from pushing storms that usually come from the Pacific Ocean across California, Oregon and Washington State.  So, that’s been going on for 4 years, and nobody knows what causes it.  It is highly suspicious, and it may be caused by HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program).  That’s the military use of Tesla technology, or it could be caused by geoengineering, which is chemtrails.  A lot of people call this conspiracy theory, but if you look up in the skies, you can see them.  The skies are crisscrossed, and they are dropping aluminum and barium on the land.  California supplies the nation with 50% of their produce.  Most of the organic produce comes from California.  So, if you are putting aluminum on all the land, there is going to be no such thing as organic anymore.  All food and all crops are being poisoned by this aluminum.”

“New Ruralism” – a NEW TOWN Proposed in Central California: Quay Valley new 7,500 acre sustainable “green” town in Kings County, Central California

“New Ruralism” – a NEW TOWN Proposed in Central California:  Quay Valley new 7,500 acre sustainable “green” town  in Kings County, Central California . .  posted on
NOTE:  Smart Development is based upon falsified science of climate change.  Smart Cities are Attrition Warfare wherein in the enemy is contained, resources are managed, travel is controlled and the enemy is easily manipulated, controlled and subdued. . .
About GROW Holdings | GROW Holdings | Quay Valley

About GROW Holdings

GROW (Green Renewable Organic & Water) Holdings LLC is a Los Angeles-based company formed to develop green projects and technology, renewable energy, organic farming, and water resources, as well as plan and entitle Quay Valley, one of the world’s first “green” towns located on 7,500 acres in Central California.

About Quay Valley- New Ruralism in the Heart of the Central Valley

In the heart of the Golden State not far from the Pacific shores lies Quay Valley, a new, undiscovered California alternative in the Great Central Valley, and a modern frontier offering new values and ways of living.

Quay Valley will be a model town for the 21st century, a self-sustaining community that seamlessly melds the best qualities of new urbanism with the traditions of the San Joaquin Valley’s small rural towns – evolving into a concept that we call New Ruralism – while carefully preserving the natural surroundings of the area. The community will operate on 100% solar power as its energy source and set new standards in self-sufficient energy use, water conservation, resource reuse and environmental responsibility.

Our vision is an integrated stewardship process of conservation, protection, enhancement and regeneration that balances the social, technical, economic and environmental needs of the community.

The five main components of Quay Valley Ranch are:

  • A world class Sustainable Community run entirely on clean power and that will provide energy efficient homes for to up to 75,000 permanent residents in 25,000 dwellings, and become a global showcase for sustainable energy, conservation, pollution reduction and a higher quality of life.
  • A vibrant family oriented Entertainment Destination featuring exciting and unique retail outlets, themed resort hotels, museums, an action sports complex, a water park, gardens, a convention hotel and facilities, cafes, restaurants and other unique destination attractions.
  • A significant Business Infrastructure to create employment opportunities, including offices, business parks, a distribution hub, an industrial and transportation center, retail outlets, hotels, entertainment centers, tech hubs, manufacturing hubs, a research park, educational institutions and nature parks, golf courses, other commercial areas and public utility and public service infrastructure.
  • Sustainable Permanent Agriculture in California integrated into areas of wildlife and habitat management and for passive recreation.
  • An Embrace of the Environment that will feature recreational waterways, wooded areas, walkways, nature strolls and which will re-introduce habitat and species indigenous to the area.

Quay Valley will be the city of the future and one of the most modern, environmentally responsible communities in the world, destined to be a top place to see in California.

WATER WARFARE WAGES ON: Pitting the Rich Against the Not So Rich – Drought-Stricken California’s Wealthy Pay Up to Keep Lawns Lush – Bloomberg Politics‏

WATER WARFARE WAGES ON:  Pitting the Rich Against the Not So Rich – Drought-Stricken California’s Wealthy Pay Up to Keep Lawns Lush – Bloomberg Politics
Drought-Stricken California’s Wealthy Pay Up to Keep Lawns Lush – Bloomberg Politics . . .


Gardens stayed lush and lawns verdant as citizens paid tanker trucks to deliver thousands of gallons to homes in the seaside suburb of Santa Barbara. They drilled in back yards, driving the county’s tally of new wells to a record. Some simply paid fines for exceeding allocations, padding the water district’s budget by more than $2 million.

“People feel strongly about their landscaping and want to keep their homes beautiful,” said Patrick Nesbitt, who drilled a well to hydrate parts of his 70-acre estate but let his polo field go dry. “Why should anybody object?”

MIKE ADAMS EXPOSED: Energy-hungry desalination plants will turn all California residents into global warming sinners and destroyers of life –‏

MIKE ADAMS EXPOSED:  Energy-hungry desalination plants will turn all California residents into global warming sinners and destroyers of life –
Comment: Does Mike Adams believe in “fossil fuels” and global warming?  Well you read HIS article.
We know Peak Oil aka fossil fuel is false science – YouTube “Origins of Oil” petroleum does not come from dead dinosaurs.    Also, right now the controllers are creating the illusion of Peak Water – Water is a Renewable and is a natural process that is continuously created within the Earth.  Watch the YouTube – “Primary Water Explained” and “Water Crisis Hoax”  and go . . .
Meanwhile, Mike Adams seems to be limited hang-out!
MIKE ADAMS EXPOSED:  Energy-hungry desalination plants will turn all California residents into global warming sinners and destroyers of life – . . .

NaturalNews) The irony is inescapable: In reaction to the historic drought that has transformed the California dream into California dust, the state is now embarking on the construction of a wave of desalination plants that will turn ocean water into fresh water. Tragically, these power-hungry desalination plants will be running primarily on fossil fuel-generated electricity, meaning that California residents will have to commit global warming crimes (i.e. producing carbon dioxide) every time they flush their toilets or take a shower.

Fresh water, in other words, is about to have a “fossil fuel consumption equivalent” across the state. Every gallon of water consumed will have a calculable CO2 emission profile and mercury pollution factor, meaning that a person will not be able to live in California without being a global warming sinner.

California, of course, is the state that prides itself on being progressive and environmentally conscious. Yes its non-sustainable lifestyle consumed the region’s limited fossil water supplies to the point of near-collapse. Now, it must become America’s worst carbon dioxide producer just to provide basic water supplies to its people. And where will all the natural gas and coal come from that powers these desalination plants? The very same energy-producing states that Californians typically condemn for producing fossil fuels.

Flush a toilet and you destroy the planet

Most eco-conscious Californians are unaware that the energy they use comes predominantly from fossil fuels. (See source.) Natural gas — which produces carbon dioxide when burned — generates almost half the state’s electricity. Coal generates another eight percent or so, meaning that fossil fuels provide the majority of California’s electricity. (Renewables only provide about 18 percent, and nuclear provides another nine percent or so.)

What this means is that as more and more desalination plants come online, they’ll be using primarily fossil fuels to process water — an energy-intensive operation.

“A $1 billion desalination plant to supply booming San Diego County is under construction here and due to open as early as November, providing a major test of whether California cities will be able to resort to the ocean to solve their water woes,” reports the New York Times. “Plans are far along for a large plant in Huntington Beach that would supply water to populous Orange County. A mothballed plant in Santa Barbara may soon be reactivated. And more than a dozen communities along the California coast are studying the issue.”

As each of these plants comes online, they will add an extremely high energy cost to the water consumed by California residents. Every act that consumes water — washing your hands, watering a garden, flushing a toilet — will carry a heightened ecological cost. When water simply falls out of the sky, consuming that water is ecologically sound. But when water has to be procured using extremely energy-intensive desalination systems, it can no longer be considered a “green” resource.

“[Desalination plants] will use a huge amount of electricity, increasing the carbon dioxide emissions that cause global warming, which further strains water supplies,” writes the New York Times, reiterating what the liberal media calls “concluded science” which claims modern-day global warming is almost entirely caused by human activity. If that’s the case, however, then Californians who consume water produced by desalination plants must categorize themselves as global warming sinners who are destroying the planet every time they drink a cup of water.

Learn more:

Learn more:

WATER WARS: NASA Joins “Forces” to Put Satellite Eyes on Threat to U.S., via DT‏

WATER is a renewable and a continuous process within the Earth!
This is good news!  Primary Water is WHY We Do NOT have a Water Shortage
Water treatment and desalination plants are Rothschild and companies ultimate goal to amass hugh profits and further restrict water availability. This information is divulged in documents they wrote saying they will make billions on water treatment.
WATER WARS:  NASA Joins “Forces” to Put Satellite Eyes on Threat to U.S. Freshwater – the Threat is We the People From Whom the Water is Being Stolen . . . Posted on
We know these agencies listed below are perpetrators – we know these toxic algai blooms are likely biological weapons to poison portions of the surface water supply (secondary water cycle) and cause FEAR.  The goal, as revealed, in the Water Market source documents is not only to control global water resources, but to build water treatment plants earning BILLIONS for the international bankers.  Aided by massive media propaganda the bankers are capturing control of water resources by the “illusion” of water scarcity, and then intentionally poisoning the ground water supplies that are leading to further control and restrictions of water.  Their documents tell us about the Global Water Market, the corporate agencies involved and profitable Water MARKET expectations for water investors.  Water is created continually within the mantel of the Earth and is an abundant natural resource. It was only a matter of time that Bechtel Corporation, Nestle, Coca Cola, Rothschild, USGS, Army Corp of Engineers, Dept. of Interior, the Rand Corporation, NASA the EPA and many others would work together to the privatize water.
WATER is a renewable and a continuous process within the Earth!
Water treatment and desalination plants are Rothschild and companies ultimate goal to amass hugh profits and further restrict water availability. This information is divulged in documents they wrote saying they will make billions on water treatment.  People will except water treatment – demand water treatment – and DRINK sewer to tap . . . NO water treatment process removes the endocrine disrupters, completely, that cause everything from weight gain to cancer deaths.  The very young, those people with immune deficiencies, and the elderly are in-danger from these water treatment schemes.
Please watch the YouTube “Water Wars – Stealing Water for Profits and Control”  HERE: Right-pointing black triangle Water Wars – Stealing Water for Profit and Power – YouTube and note the documents referred to above are under this YouTube for you to easily access . . T
Then go to the to download water flyers to distribute and read the book “New Water for a Thirsty World” a book that was rounded up and burned so YOU would NEVER learn the real water facts . . Also, watch the YouTube “Primary Water Explained”  and “Water Crisis Hoax” . . Please spread the water facts far and wide. .
This is good news!  Primary Water is WHY We Do NOT have a Water Shortage . . .
When we are “told” NASA’s space expertise contributes to understanding and protecting public heath and safety we must keep in mind NASA works for the benefit of the corporate construct and not for us.  The eyes in the sky are for monitoring, tracking and surveillance of us, and to prevent people from stealing water the controllers want to charge us for . .
NASA Joins Forces to Put Satellite Eyes on Threat to U.S. Freshwater


Toxic algal blooms like this one in Lake Erie can cause human and animal health risks, fish kills, and degrade drinking water supplies. Image courtesy USGS/NASA Earth Observatory.

NASA has joined forces with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and U.S. Geological Survey to transform satellite data designed to probe ocean biology into information that will help protect the American public from harmful freshwater algal blooms.

Algal blooms are a worldwide environmental problem causing human and animal health risks, fish kills, and taste and odor in drinking water. In the United States, the cost of freshwater degraded by harmful algal blooms is estimated at $64 million annually. In August 2014, officials in Toledo, Ohio, banned the use of drinking water supplied to more than 400,000 residents after it was contaminated by an algal bloom in Lake Erie.

The new $3.6 million, multi-agency effort will use ocean color satellite data to develop an early warning indicator for toxic and nuisance algal blooms in freshwater systems and an information distribution system to aid expedient public health advisories.

The new $3.6 million, multi-agency effort will use ocean color satellite data to develop an early warning indicator for toxic and nuisance algal blooms in freshwater systems and an information distribution system to aid expedient public health advisories.

“The vantage point of space not only contributes to a better understanding of our home planet, it helps improve lives around the world,” said NASA Administrator Charles Bolden. “We’re excited to be putting NASA’s expertise in space and scientific exploration to work protecting public health and safety.”

Troubled Waters: Global Warming and Climate Change a Weapon of Mass Destruction

COMMENT:  If you only read the excerpt below you will see the scheme to inflict falsified science policies of global warming hidden by the real climate change which is the weaponization of the weather and the use of HAARP.  You will see the plans that are fully engaged to absorb the Arab World into the genocide programs of which the majority of people are unaware.  Soft Kill – Slow Kill techniques are demonstrated though the illusion of water scarcity.  We are witnessing a silent weapons system of Attrition Warfare that is intended to bring about countless deaths – orchestrated by heartless government corporations and international bankers.
We can sit idly by – or engage by getting the TRUTH out about the falsified science behind global warming and climate change – The real climate change that is the covert use of weather weapons.  Inform everyone you know of the real water facts – please help warn these innocent victims and get the information out of these monstrous plans put in place to take their lives.
While there are many documents and countless books and websites we recommend starting with these YouTubes “Water Wars Stealing Water for Profit and Power” – ‘”Primary Water Explained” – “Water Crisis Hoax” – “Who is Running America and the Climate Action Plans”  and visit
Troubled Waters – Climate Change, Hydropolitics, and Transboundary Resources . . .


Climate Change in the Arab World: Threats and Responses

Mohamed Abdel Raouf Abdel Hamid

The Arab World’s Vulnerability to Climate Change

The Arab World will be one of the regions most affected by global warming. According to the Climate Change Index (CCI) developed by Maplecroft, a British risk analysis consul- tancy, it is home to 5 of the top 10 countries most exposed to the impacts of climate change: Djibouti, Egypt, Iraq, Morocco, and Somalia.

The Arab countries face numerous environmental challenges and have to reconcile many conflicting priorities, from promoting economic diversification, ensuring water supply and food security, and furthering environmental protection and conservation to adapting to the impacts of global warming.

A World Health Orga- nization study has estimated that the modest warming that has already occurred since the 1970s was responsible for 150,000 excess deaths by the year 2000.1

Egypt ranks as the second most exposed country. With the vast bulk of its population con- centrated in the Nile Valley and Delta, it is at high risk of inland flooding; it also faces extreme risk of negative health effects. Iraq, fifth most vulnerable, is at high risk for coastal flooding, exposure to extreme temperatures, susceptibility to decreasing food availability, and the negative health problems these create. Morocco and Somalia, at 6th and 10th place respectively, are both expected to experience increased risk of inland flooding and extreme temperatures.

In the critical Persian Gulf, all six countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC)—Bah- rain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) —are pro- jected to suffer significant repercussions from global warming. Bahrain, 11th on the CCI, has a relatively small land mass that is in danger of being inundated as sea levels rise with climate change. Qatar is especially susceptible to inland flooding, with 18.2 percent of its land area and 13.7 percent of its population less than 5 meters above sea level. Bahrain and Qatar, together with Kuwait, figure among the countries exhibiting “extreme” vulnerability on the Maplecroft index. Oman, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE are all rated “highly” vulner- able. Many other countries in the region are also expected to be significantly affected by climate change. Yemen ranks among those “extremely” vulnerable, and Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, and Tunisia score “high” on the CCI.

Water Pressures

Most of the Arab world falls under the classification of extreme water scarcity, defined by the United Nations as anything below 1,000 cubic meters per capita of average annual water supply. Many countries of the region already use more than 40 percent of their total available water resources, and more still are projected to do so in the next two decades (see annex 1).

Global warming will exert new pressures on water resources around the world.

Water is at the heart of the problem of climate change. Accelerated glacier melt, rising sea levels, drought, and desertification are all water-related issues. Historically, civiliza- tions rise near the banks of major rivers and are heavily dependent on their flow for water, agriculture, transportation, and trade. Water has always been both a blessing and a source of conflict. In fact, the English word “rivalry,” derived from the Latin rivalis, essentially means “one using the same river as another.”4

Water is also inextricably linked to the health of a population. Fresh water is required for drinking, sanitation, and irrigation of cropland. It has a direct influence on agriculture, which in turn affects harvests and livelihoods, particularly in subsistence farming areas. Changes in saltwater levels could result in saltwater intrusion into aquifers, rendering the groundwater unpotable. Water quality will also be affected by higher surface water tem- peratures which promote algal blooms and increase bacteria and fungi content.5

It is hardly surprising that some of the most parched regions of the world also suffer from perennial unrest. Extrinsic factors, such as rising food prices, can fan civil discord. Yet it is often the dependence of agriculture on scarce water supply that lies at the heart of the problem.

Sour Grapes In ‘Wine Country’: Challenges To Wineries Erupt

Such wineries over-use precious, limited resources—such as water, “air”, and land—which threatens the environment and the quality of life in our semi-rural region. The contiguous Napa, Lake, and Mendocino Counties have also recently experienced over-expansions of wineries and vineyards, as well as growing efforts by residents to reign them in. In Napa, large wineries are already trucking in water and trucking out wastewater.

WATER WARS: FINES $500.00 per DAY: Gov Jerry Brown: Californians to Be Heavily Fined for Long Showers – Breitbart 4/5/15

Brown said, “This executive order is done under emergency power. It has the force of law. Very unusual. It’s requiring action and changes in behavior from the Oregon border all the way to the Mexican border. It affects lawns. It affects people’s — how long they stay in the shower. How businesses use water.”

Brown said to enforce his order, “Each water district that actually delivers waters — water to homes and businesses, they carry it out. We have a state water board that overseas the relationships with the districts. Hundreds of them. If they don’t comply, people can be fined $500 a day. Districts can go to court to get a cease and desist order. The enforcement mechanism is powerful. In a drought of this magnitude, you have to change that behavior and you have to change it substantially.”

Guest host  host Martha Raddatz pointed out, “More water used for almond production than is used by all residents and businesses in San Francisco and Los Angeles combined.”

Brown countered by saying, “Farm workers who are — very low end of the economic scale here, are out of work. There are people in agriculture areas that are suffering. Who are providing food.” adding, “They’re not watering their lawn or taking long showers. They’re providing most of the fruits and vegetables of America. And a significant part of the world.”

WATER WARS: NESTLE a corporation – information from a website contributor

General conclusions among occult researchers agree Nestle’s logo (as are at least 100 more global corporate logos) reference Satanic symbolism derived from Egyptian mystery schools.  Note:  Nestle’s has participated in at least the 2011 Bilderberg Conference and likely more.  (linked further below) Please note two letters “e” which represent the ubiquitous “all seeing eye”. Wikipedia, which is controlled, says otherwise.  However, because Satanic tenets reverse good to evil, and because all major corporations are controlled by generational satanic bloodlines, Nestle PR should be disregarded. Nestle’s objective of privatizing global water provides additional confirmation of true objectives. In addition, pyramids formed by normal and reversed letter N spawn capstones represented by horizontal lines over both “eyes”. Finally, Nestle is listed among food processing companies linked using Senomyx, or aborted fetuses.


Yet, amidst California’s growing thirst, bottled water companies are still pumping and packaging water from the San Bernardino National Forest … in California. How is it that a state so drought stricken can afford to pass water supplies to bottled water distributors?  Simply put, they can’t (and possibly didn’t even know it was happening). (They know but we’re not supposed to. Nestle is a major corporate entity, one of the largest in the world. As mentioned yesterday, they and all other major global corporations operate with little or no oversight. Laws and regulations are made to be finessed or broken. Corporate welfare personified is an apt description. In any case, Nestle’s CEO Peter Brabeck, says water in not a public right, and reverses his position whenever convenient. Here’s a quote and two relevant links. Please consider reviewing as many informational links as possible when determining personal conclusions.)

“Activists say that Sacramento officials have refused attempts to obtain details of Nestlé’s water used. Coalition members have addressed the

 Sacramento City Council and requested that Nestle’ either pay a commercial rate under a two tier level, or pay a tax on their profit” (Brabeck was on the Bilderberg attendee list in 2011 and Nestle has participated in past Bohemian Grove “retreats.” What else is there to know?)

A recent investigation in the Desert Sun found that Nestlé Waters North America has been pumping water from this pristine streams of this national forest with little to no oversight by the U.S. Forestry Services. While Nestlé has held the rights to extract water from this national park for years, their official permit to transport water from the stream to their bottling plant expired in 1988. Between 1988 and now, tens of millions of gallons of water have been drawn from this stream annually and sold under the Arrowhead 100 percent Mountain Spring Water label. Although Nestlé asserts that they do monitor water levels and the impact on local wildlife, it seems more than a little irresponsible to leave this task up to the company that profits from exploiting this natural resource.