“New Ruralism” – a NEW TOWN Proposed in Central California: Quay Valley new 7,500 acre sustainable “green” town in Kings County, Central California

“New Ruralism” – a NEW TOWN Proposed in Central California:  Quay Valley new 7,500 acre sustainable “green” town  in Kings County, Central California . .  posted on www.StopTheCrime.net
NOTE:  Smart Development is based upon falsified science of climate change.  Smart Cities are Attrition Warfare wherein in the enemy is contained, resources are managed, travel is controlled and the enemy is easily manipulated, controlled and subdued. . .
About GROW Holdings | GROW Holdings | Quay Valley


About GROW Holdings

GROW (Green Renewable Organic & Water) Holdings LLC is a Los Angeles-based company formed to develop green projects and technology, renewable energy, organic farming, and water resources, as well as plan and entitle Quay Valley, one of the world’s first “green” towns located on 7,500 acres in Central California.


About Quay Valley- New Ruralism in the Heart of the Central Valley

In the heart of the Golden State not far from the Pacific shores lies Quay Valley, a new, undiscovered California alternative in the Great Central Valley, and a modern frontier offering new values and ways of living.

Quay Valley will be a model town for the 21st century, a self-sustaining community that seamlessly melds the best qualities of new urbanism with the traditions of the San Joaquin Valley’s small rural towns – evolving into a concept that we call New Ruralism – while carefully preserving the natural surroundings of the area. The community will operate on 100% solar power as its energy source and set new standards in self-sufficient energy use, water conservation, resource reuse and environmental responsibility.

Our vision is an integrated stewardship process of conservation, protection, enhancement and regeneration that balances the social, technical, economic and environmental needs of the community.

The five main components of Quay Valley Ranch are:

  • A world class Sustainable Community run entirely on clean power and that will provide energy efficient homes for to up to 75,000 permanent residents in 25,000 dwellings, and become a global showcase for sustainable energy, conservation, pollution reduction and a higher quality of life.
  • A vibrant family oriented Entertainment Destination featuring exciting and unique retail outlets, themed resort hotels, museums, an action sports complex, a water park, gardens, a convention hotel and facilities, cafes, restaurants and other unique destination attractions.
  • A significant Business Infrastructure to create employment opportunities, including offices, business parks, a distribution hub, an industrial and transportation center, retail outlets, hotels, entertainment centers, tech hubs, manufacturing hubs, a research park, educational institutions and nature parks, golf courses, other commercial areas and public utility and public service infrastructure.
  • Sustainable Permanent Agriculture in California integrated into areas of wildlife and habitat management and for passive recreation.
  • An Embrace of the Environment that will feature recreational waterways, wooded areas, walkways, nature strolls and which will re-introduce habitat and species indigenous to the area.

Quay Valley will be the city of the future and one of the most modern, environmentally responsible communities in the world, destined to be a top place to see in California.