TOXIC INJECTION WELLS – State let oil companies taint drinkable water in Central Valley – San Francisco Chronicle . . . 2/1/15

Attached is an article, dated 2/1/15, in the Sunday’s San Francisco Chronicle – which I have attached below . .  You will note I have attached several other articles that will inform you that nationwide, there are well over 680,000 toxic injection wells.
These practices have been ALLOWED by the EPA, the State Governments, and the Federal Government . .  As you will note in the “”Water Market USA” – Global Water Intelligence Report  you will see the intentions are to, globally, privatize the water supply and create new massive profits from water treatment facilities and desalination processes.  Please look at this report, which I have brought up in previous meetings –

State let oil companies taint drinkable water in Central Valley – San Francisco Chronicle . . .

Excerpts from above article link:
Oil companies in drought-ravaged California have, for years, pumped wastewater from their operations into aquifers that had been clean enough for people to drink.
They did it with explicit permission from state regulators, who were supposed to protect the increasingly strained groundwater supplies from contamination.
Instead, the state “allowed” companies to drill more than 170 waste-disposal wells into aquifers suitable for drinking or irrigation, according to data reviewed by The Chronicle. Hundreds more inject a blend of briny water, hydrocarbons and trace chemicals into lower-quality aquifers that could be used with more intense treatment.

“If you were to shut down hundreds of injection wells, obviously that’s a lot of jobs, a lot of tax revenue.”

In all, 464 wells injected wastewater into aquifers that were supposed to be protected, according to state data. That includes 94 wells drilled into the 11 aquifers that the state considered exempt and the EPA didn’t.
It’s unknown exactly how much water lies in the aquifers used for waste injection. A handful of those aquifers are already used for drinking and irrigation — leading to the emergency closure of 11 injection wells in July. Three of those wells were allowed to resume operations after their owners proved that they hadn’t accessed a drinking-water aquifer after all
“The well will pull water horizontally before it pulls it vertically,” said Bishop, whose board is helping to determine whether the injection wells put any drinking water supplies at risk.

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